discrepancies and inconsistencies…


in my work in the acting industry, i’ve noticed that often when “you make it big” it’s so easy to lose touch with the process, the grassroots aspects of the industry and the people who helped you get there.  sure fans and paparazzi can be annoying, but it’s those people who are buying tickets, turning on the television and generally paying your bills.

it’s no secret that i enjoy grey’s anatomy and it’s “my dream show” to be on.  maybe you think i’m shallow, petty, void or just altogether bored–but I get more from it than just your average dr. mcsoap-n-mcmedicine. 

i find kate walsh and sara ramirez brilliant, katherine heigl charming and patrick dempsey absolutely dreamy.  i like the character of “meredith” but more and more, ellen pompeo is seeming quite the bundle of discrepancy and inconsistency. 

i’ve done my research, i already know how pathetic this looks, but i’ve been stuck at home for the past 8 weeks recovering!

ok, so check her out below:  on punk’d (reality), meeting fans at the sag awards, on tv and on letterman.  there clearly is an actress (no boston accent) yet it’s disappointing that in interviews and press junkets it seems to be an act since the real girl has a boston accent and seems fairly crude.  it’s all a game of cat and mouse i guess.

i pray that if i ever taste success, i don’t lose myself along the way.  that no matter how good an actor i may become, the rest of my life doesn’t become an act–that i remain grounded, tangible, approachable and real.


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