rumors, rumors…


Lindsay Lohan–Rumors Live

today was a bed-day as i’m currently going off the migraine medications which gives me a headache.  but the doctor said going off the medicine will elevate my mood, energy level and ease the rebound headaches i was getting.

since i’ve been in bed all day, i thought i’d peruse the message boards and catch the latest rumors flying around about me.  in case you were wondering:

  • i’m not pregnant.

  • i don’t have a baby.

  • the story line isn’t about his “baby daddy drama” ’cause i am not a momma!

  • the baby i was pictured with is my little leni–my cousin joel’s daughter.

  • wow, you paused the show to analyze how close i was sitting on the couch to someone and what it says about our relationship?  whoa nelly.

granted i realize it’s part and parcel of the business, an aspect of the game, and that no news is worse than bad news, but it still cracks me up.

and believe me, when i have a baby–you’ll be the first to know!

and no, i don’t think lindsay lohan is a great artist, but that song was a funny way to illustrate this post.


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