the power to communicate


mer.png A tight closeup frame.  Capturing.  Emotion.  Conviction.  Ache.  Confusion.  A moment, a look, a spark.  Transformation.  One grave mistake.  Agonizing defeat, failure, loss.  I don’t know why moreso than film, but ever since I was a little girl I have been enraptured by the television medium.  A brilliant script, a talented ensemble…for me it all equals heavenly television. 

The power to transform society exists in the very hands of television, popular culture and the media.  To be supplying or selling your good to millions of Americans everywhere in one solitary moment.  Television excites me.  I actually only watch 3-4 shows regularly on a weekly basis.  But I live and breathe television and pop culture.  I wish I could have studied media, public relations and culture as part of my communication degree but there were no real courses in this.

Someday, maybe someday, I can be a part of it too.  For now I will read every article, every blog posting and satiate myself with all the research I can do. 

I am fascinated by what makes for an authentic, believable and relatable character.  The fact that people discuss me (as part of the reality show) on message boards and there are threads analyzing the distance I sat from one of my friends and how this defines our relationship astounds me.  Obviously, on some level people want to relate, to connect and to know. 

All this is the beauty of television.  


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