disgusted. rant following.


so i’m having a scrapbook night tonight, finishing up the hungary/romania mission trip 2005 scrapbooks before i can begin my radio city 2007 book.  so i was watching tlc’s what not to wear marathon and then randomly switched to vh1 in the middle of a disgusting, revolting show called springer hustle.

i don’t watch jerry springer, i find it absolutely offensive, but there were going to be little people on springer hustle so i decided to watch for a few minutes.  the show is basically a behind the scenes look at the jerry springer show, how they develop the stories and produce the show.

it mainly follows the head producer, an asian woman in her early 30’s with a lewd, crass mouth.  i was so offended.  she just kept saying, “midget this, midget that”.  “get those ‘f-ing’ midgets over here.”  “those midgets are so retarded looking”.  “let’s make those midgets make an ass out of themselves”.

yet, don imus is fired for saying one derogatory phrase about african americans.  while what he said was uncalled for, the fact that there are million-dollar lobbyist advocacy groups like naacp is probably why he got fired.  al sharpton and other leaders threatened to pull their advertising connections from the station.

honestly, i think it all came down to money.  little people are one of the last demographics accepted to be openly degrading towards. 

it’s not about pc’ness, it’s just my utter frustration that this would be allowed on television.  that there isn’t any large advocacy group with the power to make change.

and honestly, head-producer-chick, you’re asian.  how would you feel if the tables were turned on you, and your minority group was berated?


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