week of firsts



week of firsts, albeit audacious ones.  first rumor printed about me, like ross says, boo that means you made it.  ya right not yet, i think i’ll know when i made it.  i’ll be…well…not broke.  then today, most hurtful thing printed…some malicious person, secret wounds posted online.  how could they?  take all my wounds and private pain, my deepest fears, and cruelly post them online.  i need a publicist.  kidding.  but seriously, i cried because i don’t trust more than a handful of trusted soul sisters, my inner circle, will always be protecting from life’s paparazzi…only this time someone overheard or got in accidentally.  someone who misused or shouldn’t be trusted, who broke it maliciously with the intent to cause deep, deep pain.  emotional paparazzi they wanna kick you and take your picture while you’re down.  somehow now i can reach out and relate–britney and reese and all you ladies–rumors, rumors and private pain splashed across the headlines.  you make mistakes, egos falsely inflated by your team, but don’t let them get you down.  more to life than this, but it’s your career, your game, the industry.  i will commit today to try and never criticize a celebrity i don’t personally know well, because today i felt the sting…of what it feels like to have your name tarnished by lies and fears and cruel jealousy.  there are motives and everybody loves a scandal.  just keep your head held high and don’t get cocky.


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