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5/23/07 The View’s Gone CRAZY!

Ahh!!  Today was intense.  I woke up tired and wouldn’t have necessarily watched today except for that Sherri Shepherd and I have mutual friends.

But wow, the View blew the lid off!  I have more thoughts from which to write at a later point, I agree and disagree with both Rosie and Elisabeth at times.  I find the way things get polarized very frustrating because there is probably more middle ground moderate-ness than is explored. 

I find some of Rosie’s opinions stretches, I find some of her passion to come from wounded places.  Perhaps her woundedness makes me empathize, I hate when opponents call her a “fat lesbian” because I understand how absolutely heart-wrenching it is for your intelligence to be burned down to your physical features.  I also find some of what she says a little bit harsh but I do appreciate her passion and dedication to her beliefs.  I lean toward her slant on the war, but maybe not as extreme.  but I also find some of Elisabeth’s opinions wishful thinking, idealistic and naive and her method of communication equally abrasive at times.  I feel sometimes she willy-nillies instead of speaking succinctly and often doesn’t look like she researches what she is saying. 

But it is the View and the ratings are up this year.  I am at least glad that they are talking about real issues like the war, rather than just how to apply lipstick, because before the View did not seem gutsy enough.


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