no canary in a cage for me…


Ross & Rosie: Part 1

i chose to blog about this video for so many reasons.  one being that ross is a hometown boy from a small, small town near-ish to the suburb i grew up in.  i’ve been watching him for years doing segments on the tonight show with jay leno.  i think i’ve talked about this before, but you know when you just get chills watching someone on television?  their charm and charisma seem to explode all over the television and they have this magnetism that draws you in?  i think some people were just born to be famous, they exude a star potential that cannot be reigned in.

whether you agree with rosie o’donnell or not politically, i ask that you approach her comedy and artistry just as you would any other entertainer.  because rosie has transcended show-biz mediums i think she has allowed herself to be more known and less guarded, or at least come across that way.  i bet there are tons of actors you appreciate whose politics you would probably disagree with, but your mind is not tainted because you don’t know their politics for sure.  i am an unabashed moderate with a rosie-view of the war.  but even if i disagreed with her, which i do at times, i find her comedic timing and artistic expression explosive and enigmatic.

i get chills when i see someone who was a basic nobody be given their time to “shine”.  yes i got teary when i heard jordin sparks sing, “this is my now”…just as american idol producers wanted me to.  i get teary hearing about a friend’s successes, and i must admit that actors possess a passion and a drive that is contagious.  i don’t know if my friends with day jobs–if they are more reserved about sharing with me their dream jobs–but for some reason i am not always “in the know” to be able to understand the magnitude of their successes.  but when i hear that a friend of mine is appearing on broadway or on tv, my heart just leaps.

it’s been really weird going to the mall lately.  yesterday my little sister (basically) megs and i went and this lady came up to me, “oh my gosh, i can’t even believe it, you’re the girl…you’re on that show!!”  she was so excited i felt the need to reply in some way that honored the moment for her, even though i was basically thinking, “what show?  who?”  it’s so weird.  i am on the z list if the list at all, i have so much more to achieve in my career before i feel i could be satisfied, but still, to this woman–it was a moment.


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