this canary’s ready to fly freeeeee!!!


Ross & Rosie: Part 2

this is basically a ps. to my previous blog because i haven’t figured out how to post two youtube clips in one posting very easily.  i know how to do it, but right now it basically takes 10 steps and really, who has the time?  well, right now i’m unemployed, so technically i do have the time.  ha!  i really don’t want to sound grovelly–is that even a word?  i meant to make an adverb out of the verb “to grovel”–but if you are reading my blog, please take a moment to comment!  it will help keep me inspired to keep writing on a regular basis, maybe it’s sad that i need the approval, oh well.  :)  i do.

lately i’ve heard several friends tell me that it is important as human beings for us to “speak our desires and longings into the universe”.  i’m not talking confessional in a “post-secret book” kind of way.  i’m talking about speaking what we want out of our lives out loud in a room where people–trusted people–can hear and honor our words.  if you are a jesus-y follower, psalm 37:4 says that “if you delight in the lord, he will give you the desires of your heart”.  (*little side note story: i have no clue if delighting in the lord just means our desire should just be to be like jesus, so duh, god will grant us that…which kind of isn’t what i’m talking about in this blog posting, but i doubt jesus reads blogs anyways).   but if you’re a non-jesus-y follower (which i don’t know if that is truly possible, because as paul t. says “all truth is god’s truth”– i think that also means “all love is god’s love”…ponder that…it’s not intended to be new-agey really). 

anyways there’s more layers here than i really care to go right now, (but if you comment me i will be inspired to go there, ha!) but i wonder if speaking our passions into the universe just says, “hey god i’m here, i’m totally open to this happening in my life, okay more than open, i really want it to happen!”  does that help?  what do you think? 


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