ruminations from paul t.’s comment


 **please forgive the jumbleness to this post, this is what happens when you overthink your blog post and save and come back to it, you lose your initial zest.

 my friend paul t. actually reads my blog!  how cool is that?  paul is one of my old bosses at my old job in ministry–but for those who haven’t worked at a church, the hope is that you’re also friends with those you’re working with.  because if you’re supposed to do church and do work with people, you kind of have to like them somewhat.  paul is an i.t. guru and one of the smartest people i know.  he is really funny and is married and has 3 really cute kids.  his wife is really funny too, which i didn’t realize how funny until i went to a friend’s bridal shower and we paired to play a dorky shower game.  anyways here is a quote of his comment and some more thoughts on that:

I think extending the idea of “all truth is God’s truth” to love is true. (I’ve actually said it that way before too, along with “all beauty is God’s beauty.”) I think that’s the same idea in the GK Chesterton quote “Every man who knocks on the door of a brothel is looking for God.” There’s a lot more that could be said to that, but that idea wasn’t really your focus…

i like what he is getting at a lot better than whatever the focus of my blog was.

here is a rumination i jotted down on an insert during a kind-of boring sermon at a church in shoreline.  they are kind of a tangent but kind of related to what he is saying…but it would be helpful for you to know they are also tied into a conversation i had with someone who believes america is currently governed by “christian principles” and that’s why gay marriage shouldn’t be allowed.  it’s very natural for me to link love and marriage.  and to my gays who are reading this, please know that i believe that the government should protect all under it and that there should be equal rights for you.  i am saddened that there isn’t and i will vote for that to change, if ever given the opportunity.  i realize that the way things exist now, your children are not protected if the union dissolves, one of you isn’t required to pay child support.  i also heard rosie o’donnell say that until both her and her partner adopted her children, if one were sick and in the hospital the partner had no parental rights.  i believe that you and your family are not protected under the current system.  i am truly sad about that.

but for kicks, here is what i wrote down earlier…

i am told god is a jealous god, that’s why hell exists, but i can’t help but think that is kind of immature.  i mean, like the all-knowing, smarter than anyone god, who can see into everyone’s hearts.  who can see into our lives and can see all the pain and confusion and the reasons we are drowning and yet he’s sort of saying “well if you don’t believe i’m here, i’m taking my toys and going home…oh and you’re going to hell”.  i know that hell is a separation between us and god but i think a lot of people don’t really believe but yet don’t want to be separated from a god if there is one either.  they’re just utterly confused yet at the same time don’t want to be banished either.  i guess this is a slippery slode, all roads lead to one potential flaw…i know, but at the same time, god just seems kind of petty in this understanding?


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