never be too jaded :)


Legally Blonde: What You Want (Today Show 6-13-07)

enjoy this little clip, it’s a summery sunny day–this musical is kinda broadway lite, but it’s still fun.

okay, life lesson of the day–don’t be too jaded–because on friday, i got this phone message from this lady who said she was a casting director at such-and-such casting agency and they wanted to bring me in to read for the role of this character for this untitled movie project.  i was really confused how this lady got my cell phone number and i’ve watched enough tyra banks episodes while i was laid up on scams in the acting industry.

rarely do i have anyone call my cell phone, usually they just call my agent and if it’s legit they bring me in from there.  so i sort of wrote it off, calling her back and just saying if this is legitimate to call my agent and go through her. 

the casting director saw me on the show and hand-picked me from there, i’m told.

so then, i get home tonight from being gone at the wedding i was in all weekend and decide to google the casting agency and the movie title and the production company and all are totally legitimate and thriving!

this is what you get when you finally become jaded!

i can’t release the names of anyone or the title, but it’s a big, big project and i’m trying to not get too excited!  so i may be on a plane to la on tuesday to read for the producers and do a screen test with the others who have been cast so far! 

it’s such a challenge to be hopeful and thankful about an experience but not get your hopes up too high.  what a task.


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