ahh! story time.


last night i was at my friends’ (yes, the-ones-with-the-tv-show-but-really-they-are-just-normal-friends) for one of my friend’s girlfriend’s birthday party.  . 

whenever i am over there, i usually forget about the film crew and all the cameras/sound booms/producer/mics/production assistants and become my normal (albeit sometimes spastic) self.

after the barbeque and once it got dark, birthday girl’s boyfriend got a campfire going.  the crew put together a large white hanging light to provide better lighting against the dark sky and roaring fire.  it was sort of funny because it looked like an extra-large ikea paper light and we all said that “the moon was just so close you could touch it”.

anyways, dad from the show came down and decided to give us a life lesson in story-telling.  it was sort of awkward at first, but we all decided just to go with it.  he is a very good show-man so story-telling comes naturally. 

so we all had to go around the circle and tell a story of when we were the most bloody.  it was a good time but for some reason i got very nervous.  granted, i can perform on stage in front of 3,300 strangers 4x in one day, but somehow this little activity got me sweaty and verklempt.

i usually think my life is not very interesting or something, so who would really want to listen to my stories… then i realize, no wait people stare at you because you’re small in the supermarket so obviously you’re fairly fascinating.  then i wonder if there are other fascinating traits about myself other than lp stories.  i decide there are but for some reason, if asked on command, can never think of them.

i feel comfortable if a spontaneous story just bubbles to mind and i can be dramatic and a wee bit snarky if needed.  i’m kinda clever at commentating, i enjoy providing running commentary at televised events like the oscars.

i’ve always been someone who is more apt to notice dynamics and theories over facts and details, so maybe this is why i get so nervous?  

why is it? 


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