beauty in simplicity


what does it mean to you be be a believer?  i have a very pathetic and innocent relationship with jesus. [the things] i’m sure about are the things the kids in church sing: that i’m loved and never alone. i am a complicated and worried person. to know that i can just say “hi” and “i am so lost,” and he says, “hi, hon. no, you’re not. let’s breathe. get a glass of water. do you want to call a friend?” simple works for me.-anne lamott

years ago, while in college, i devoured every theology class i could taught by my favorite professor, and dear friend, kerry d.   i was neither a theology major or minor, partly due to my government financial aid, and also because i did not discover my theological thinking capabilities until my junior year of college.

kerry stirred my brain like no other professor ever did. 

i used to thrive on all-things theology.  while she is still a dear friend, this past year i seem to be in a theological rut.  i don’t really enjoy reading as much as i could.  i have a bit of a hard time focusing at times.

i read that anne lamott quote on my friend jen’s blog.

anne lamott always renews my faith in christianity.  some days all i can say with conviction is:

  • i believe in a god/jesus/holy spirit kind of combo…or basically that there is a big god up there that i’m trying to understand.
  • i think god loves me.  i hope so.
  • i’d like to know that for sure–and i’d like to be good friends.

 don’t worry friends, feelings ebb and flow.  honesty brings things out into the light, where they, like faith, can grow.


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