as i am.


When she won a Screen Actors Guild Award in 2007, her speech specifically mentioned what the award would mean to her daughters. “Just to be able to take this thing home to my girls in particular and hold it in front of them and say, ‘Look. With this skin and this nose and this height and these arms, you know, I’m here,'” Chandra said. “Thank you, Screen Actors Guild, for taking me as I am.” 

The cast for the movie i was down to the final 2 for before they pulled the plug on a little person heroine was recently announced on ‘Entertainment Tonight’.  Some jealous twinges and heart pangs ensued as my character was morphed and is now played by an “uglified” glamour girl.

I later caught Chandra Wilson on Tyra Banks (yes i love all things pop culture!) where they highlighted her acceptance speech for the Screen Actors Guild awards.  Hugh Laurie also had a beautiful speech as well.

Hugh Laurie & Chandra Wilson – Acceptance Speech

When I was a little girl, I loved practicing accepting speeches and sermonettes under my grandmother’s kitchen table.  I would line up all my stuffed animals into an audience and calgon, take me away! I was at the Academy Awards.

Chandra’s quote above got me thinking…

Hollywood, can you take me as I am?

Jesus, can you?


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