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Grey’s Season 3: Derek & Ellis Scene

there’s been nothing on tv this summer, so i’ve been rewatching season 3 of grey’s anatomy on abc…tonight’s episode was one of my favorites this year.  it contains 3-4 of the most memorable scenes, scenes that packed quite an emotional punch.

the scene between derek and ellis (ellis is derek’s girlfriend meredith’s mother) always hits me in different ways.  it’s always really raw and yet at the same time really healing. 

there’s something really validating about it.  the pain that strikes at your core, the wounds that came in childhood that taught your little girl heart to fear. 

to have someone, particularly someone you love, see it and acknowledge it and fight for you.  fight for that heart, even with its wounds. 

that’s why i really got a lot out of this book, captivating, and i know the authors have their flaws, but as liberated as i am, there’s always gonna be a little girl heart.  and even if a man won’t fight for it, jesus will.


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  1. Jen – I saw the same thing in that scene (Captivating has helped heal a lot of wounds for this little girl heart, as well.) Having lost my own mom a few years back, that particular episode hits me particularly hard.

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