message to myself, and you too :)


See, I am doing a new thing!  -Isaiah 43:19

Truthfully, the WOF conference came at the most inconvenient time for me this year.  It was the weekend before the weeklong Little People of America Conference, the same weekend as a dear friend’s wedding and the same weekend in which I was bloody, bloody sick.

But it is the only chance for me to connect with my friend Marilyn.  It’s more than just that, but you may read about that in a previous blog entitled  why I go.

Anyways, back to starting a new thing.  I took my little arena seat in the front row and felt heavy that night.  It was not as if I expected to have or did have a come-to-Jesus-moment because my life has never worked that way.  But in the quietness of my heart and through the words of each speaker, my hope was being renewed, little seed by seed.

My discouragement was summed up in one sentence by that casting director

-The world is not ready for a LP heroine.

Her words had ricocheted around my mind for over a week until, sitting in that seat, I heard a small voice say,

The world might not be ready yet, but the kingdom IS.

And so maybe this blog is mostly for me, ammunition to face my next daunting audition, kinda like Melissa Etheridge’s latest song being literally called message to myself.

God’s doing a new thing in me.  God’s won’t stop doing new things until I die and I think when that happens I’ll turn into the newest, completed, whollest possible version of me.  I must keep fighting, working, creating to pave the way.  I am not finished because I am alive.

The next series of blogs, intermittently broken up by something broadwayesque i’m sure, will be little ebenezers.  Messages to myself, and to you, things i jotted down in the notebook i carry around with me that i’ve fondly begun calling “blog starters”. 


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  1. Hello there…We’ve just moved to the UK from South Africa, and with the people being very reserved here, I’ve struggling to make friends…hence me being on the internet. With this I have found the most amazing people on the blog space…(which now includes you)…and I’m inspired! Excited! Can’t wait to get connected to all of these amazing people…

    unfortunately I don’t know how? I’ve started my ‘blog’ name is Periwinkle…how do you ‘tagg’ someone on your blog? Or do you need to be tagged first? Where can I get some more information in regards to blogging?

    Have fun! And from now I’ll be one of your frequest readers…


  2. I, too, stumbled across your blog a few days ago and I’ve enjoyed the read.

    I discontinued my semi popular blog last year due to personal reasons and have recently started a new, more anonymous blog. It was reassuring to hear your frustrations with being a small blogger, as I, too, have felt a little lonely with the low traffic and little to no feedback. Even friends who coaxed me to continue my old blog at the time of its “retirement” haven’t shown any interest in what I’m doing now. Nonetheless, I’m happy to be blogging again because it’s fun and therapeutic, even if it is just for me. I read Magpie Girl’s Remedies for the Small Blogger Blues and it made me feel a lot better, as well.

    Great blog. I’ve bookmarked you and I’ll be back.
    Take care!


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