bratty, bratty kids…


ok those of you who know me, know that i love kids.   i have my teaching certificate, i worked in children’s ministry both as a volunteer and on paid staff, i’ve done public speaking in elementary schools, i’m a pseudo-“auntie” to at least a dozen kids…

but.  i had strong feelings of animosity toward three particular 2nd graders today.  strong strong strong.

i was on the city bus (which ended up being such an inconvenience, i am so driving to work from now on) and when i walked on, these kids were sitting in the first available seat.  loudly, this one girl sneered…

ew, a midget, don’t let her sit by me…

now normally, understand i am not the least bit sensitive.  i’m used to stares and questions and kids being weirded out at first, then becoming their best friend.  but i could already feel the vibes from these girls were not the typical curious/confused/never-seen-a-little-person vibes.  they just weren’t.  they were snotty and mean vibes.

and the only available seat was next to them.  so i sat down, although kinda feeling like a 2nd grader myself entering the land of the bullies. shrug it off jen, i thought, are you gonna let a bunch of kids bother you?

when out of their mouths no sooner was,

the worst thing in the world to be is a midget.  midgets are bad.  i’m glad i’m not an ugly little midget.

i kinda wanted to deck all 3 of them, but i didn’t.  but seriously, there’s a difference between being curious, fascinated or a bit timid around someone who’s different than you and being a rudey-attitudey.

and these 3 were the latter.

thanks for letting me vent!


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