seriously? seriously?!


So I was walking from my car home the other day, I live on QA Hill in kind of a hoity-toity neighborhood (to save money I’m renting a room from a family I know, it’s a nice neighborhood and I have a nice view, but it’s not glamorous living with 2 children running around).  I was minding my own business, admiring the beautiful homes that line the street.  In the 3 blocks from my car home, I walked by a park in which I saw a lady with what looked to be birdseed all over her front.  Now what made this interesting was she wasn’t a vagrant, but a total soccer mom!  And when I looked closer I realized she was feeding a squirrel birdseed and the squirrel was sitting on her lap eating out of her hand.

Now, I’m not much for rodents or furry things like that, cute from far far away but I couldn’t help but stand there for a minute and stare.  Seriously? 

Wow, that’s pretty cool, I said, feeling some need to acknowledge the fact that I was staring.

Oh thanks, she said sheepishly, he usually runs away when strangers walk by.

Oh so you do this a lot?  You feed him?

I’ve been feeding him since he was a baby.  He lives 2 blocks over but when he sees me walking home from work he runs to me.  He knows who I am.  So he runs to me every day and then I sit here and feed him.

Wow, was all I could muster in response.  That’s cool.

It was sort of mildly cute if you liked squirrels a lot (I don’t) until she just sounded creepy explaining where he lived and that he recognized her.  Perhaps it was the tone of her voice, acting like this was a deep emotional attachment between the two.

I just had to tell someone about this!

Maybe I’m just not an animal person.  Dogs are cute I guess.  Some of them.


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  1. that’s hilarious! My dad shoots squirrels with bb guns & Matt tries to hit them out of the trees in front of our windows. Not my favorite animals!

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