midgets and eric dane, all in one trip.


me.jpgfyi, i am not making fun of midgets, i am a little person– medically speaking, i have dwarfism.   the word “midget” is actually a derogatory term referencing the circus side-show era.  also, midgets are proportional and very tiny, it is a hormonal defect that can now be treated.  on the other hand, dwarfism is a genetic condition affecting bone and cartilage formation. 

belt.jpgso today was one of those days at work, so i decided to blow off a little steam and window shop.  i was looking for either a brown, royal blue or white cinch or corset belt to wear high-waisted with a few new dresses i got… (brown cinch belt found at redlight, a vintage consignment store).

i was minding my own business and trying to avoid the cat calls from the group of black men gathered around the bus stop.  yes, i know i have a bubble butt and i am a white girl.  go figure.  it’s a little person thing.  anyways i walked by a homeless man selling ties who asked me if i had a light.  i said no, then he proceeds to ask me if i like some band i hadn’t heard of.  i forget the name.  he is stammering and stumbling around, clearly high on life.  it takes him forever to get a phrase out but he insists he has a story for me.  since i wasn’t about to give him money i figured i could at least be semi-jesus’y and listen to his story.  no-offense-no-offense i love a good midget, he says, and tells me (he’s stammering so much i can hardly make sense of any of it), about in the song something has to do with a midget.  he asks my name and if he’s offended me and i say no, but quickly make my exit.

i get no more than 7 feet down the street when i hear a “hey mama” and keep walking two more feet until a man stands right in front of me and says,

hey!  it’s my lucky day. 

why?  i ask.

‘cuz I LOVE a pretty midget and midgets bring good luck.

cool, i say flatly.

do you like being a midget? 

do you like being tall?  i smile.

well no offense but i saw me a giant once and a midget and midgets and giants bring good luck.

rad.  i exit.

it really wasn’t a big deal, i’m not writing this to be dramatic.  people just always ask what it’s like and i forget the day-to-day stories because they happen so frequently it’s not really a big deal.  my friends get far more irritated, yesterday someone said, everyone freakin’ looks at you.

once when i was in therapy, my less-than-intuitive therapist asked if i could handle being famous someday because people would stare.  um, people always stare.  no big deal. 

so i thought to myself remember these 2 stories so you can blog about them, they are more interesting to others than they are to you.

ed2.jpgso then was driving home on 45th, about to hit stone, when a pretty blonde lady was waiting to cross a busy street with no crosswalk.  i was leading the cars so i stopped, particularly because a tall, handsome man walked into the middle of the road and signaled her to cross.  he had stopped right in front of my car when i realized it was ERIC DANE aka MCSTEAMY from grey’s anatomy standing right in front of my car.  he was…BEAUTIFUL. 

i was speechless.  they must be in seattle filming, which they do often.  that is my dream dream dream goal show to be on.


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  1. I cant believe you saw McSteamy! What was your first reaction? Did you just start screaming? Was anyone with you in the car? You’ll have to tell me all about it.

    ‘member that time the salesperson asked if we were sisters? :)

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