it’s like the heavens rained down…



I don’t even think you understand how visceral my excitement is, knowing that in just 2 weeks the wait will be over for season 4.  I mean really, aren’t you missing any of these faces?  I will miss Addison and I don’t think I’m gonna be into her new show (the pilot was pretty dull!)  It’s been a “mc-freakin'” long enough summer without one fix, and there was enough drama in season 3 that I kinda hope things just level out for a bit.  But it’s Grey’s, the soap-delish of medical dramas so there’s no way it will.  Summer television has been dull(ish) without the peeps-n-geeks.


Check out these sneak-peeks below, I mean seriously?!  Talk to me…

Sneak Peek #1

Sneak Peak #2

“Girl From The Bar”


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