izze soda and red pipe cleaners


You Matter More Than You Think with Leslie Parrott

meandles2.jpgA little plug for one of my dearest friend and mentor’s book, You Matter More Than You Think.  You can also find her video curriculum here and their website here.  She’s the real deal, a friend through and through.  Leslie makes you forget all her credentials and successes within 15 minutes of meeting her because she’s completely humble, gracious and just breezy to be around. (Do you know what I mean by breezy?  Like fresh air kind of gentle breezy…)   When I think of her, I think of the Edmonds Beach, cute flip flops and Venti Starbucks.  I think she is the epitome of a gifted friend, someone who truly makes an investment in friendship.  One of my favorite summer memories is going to Edmonds Beach and the Cookie Jar Donut Shop with her and her boys, running to Target to find a gift or something needed before her speaking trips, or my 23rd birthday with her and Bonnie at the Brann’s Cabin.  My freshman year of college I worked as their intern and then was their assistant the last 2 years of college.  Every Valentines Day, Leslie always made it a point to give me a Valentines Day Package complete with cards from my littlest Valentines who were just 2 and 8 at the time.  It made being single on the national day of l-o-v-e fun, even for me.  I was organizing my room the other day when I ran across a box of momentos and found the cute little Valentine Cards made out of red pipe cleaners and red paint. 

izze.jpgLeslie is one of those friends who makes you feel valued in the little things.  When I was on the couch for 3 months after my accident, she often stopped by on her route to pick up her boys from school and dropped off my favorite Izze soda.  It’s just a general and completely unexpected nature of thoughtfulness.  She’s the person who walked with me through my parents’ divorce, the friend whose calendar is full but makes time for spontaneous adventures, the friend who is playful when it counts and yet genuine all the while.

She makes me feel that I matter more than I think, I’m sure she will do the same for you.


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