ok so i don’t have cable (i can only see 2 channels) and the emmy’s just started and it’s kind of painful not to be watching it.  i am usually watching pre-show, totally committed with my snacks and fashion commentary…not this year…next year i need to plan ahead and camp out at someone’s house with cable.  (i seriously considered calling a few of you and crashing on your couch) then i usually watch the fashion wrap up.  someday i hope i am either sitting at the emmy’s or on a talk show the next morning.

i’ll try to dig up some best and worst fashion photos and provide my best commentary :)  i think eva looks great here, granted the camera adds 15 pounds and she’s only 5’0″, so her frame basically just acts as a hanger for a great dress. but she (or her people) know how to be bling without overdoing it.


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