don’t be raucous


NBC- The Office – Safety Training

Okay so in between applying for new jobs I’ve been Blockbuster queuing the most recent season of The Office and 30 Rock…two of the funniest, well-written comedies I’ve seen in a long time!  ABC totally had me with Grey’s Anatomy, but NBC definitely knows how to do its comedies!

Anyways so I’m renting a room from this family and I’m pretty much a trooper (so smug, I’m kidding) since they have 2 little and by little I mean LOUD boys who are always running around and screaming and running around some more.  It is chaos!  So tonight, it’s Friday and um, 11pm and I got scolded for “laughing too loud twice” watching the Office, this episode in particular.

I understand, people need their sleep.   I get it…respect…I understand.  But the whole thing being that I wake up early every Saturday morning with the shrieking sounds of little boys, the birthday party where they invaded the house, and all the noisy, no-privacy-for-Jen type events… I am such a partier with my two raucous laughs at 11pm on a Friday night!!!  Crazy crazy I am.   (I mean this with no true disrespect FYI, but a little vent…)


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