the one woman show


doitall.jpg when i was in tenth grade, one of my younger brothers had to have a major surgery in los angeles.  our family flew down from seattle a few days before for a little vacation.  my mother grew up obsessed with donny osmond from watching him on the donny and marie show.

anyways, a couple of days before his surgery, we went to a taping of the new donny and marie show.  we met them and it was a fun little experience.  wanting to be an actress or entertainer myself, i remember watching marie closely.  as a mere teenager, i was transfixed upon the do-it-all quality that she possessed.  having just finished a talk show, signing a cover of tv guide she was on, all the while bouncing one of her eight children on her hip.

it was sort of eerie, sort of magical.  how one woman could do it all, excel in every avenue of life was beyond me.  of course, as a teenager, keep in mind that celebrities were automatically pedestaled.  i thought not at all about her private life, the recesses of her own heart, how she felt she measured up.

years later when news of her divorce came out, when the sex scandal surrounding two of her daughters’ myspaces erupted or i watch her on dancing with the stars, i see her differently.  yes, she’s still the one woman show who seems to do-it-all, her wikipedia page is still long and intricate…but this time, i wonder:

the woman behind the smile, the successes, the struggles, does she feel she is enough?

no amount of fame, money or success ever guarantees this.

i hope she does.


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