timing is everything


Meredith & Derek – Timing is Everything

…I think he finally sees and accepts Meredith for who she truly is — regardless of whether or not she’s able to give him what he wants in that moment.  He simply loves her.  In spite of everything that’s gone before and no matter what happens next.

-Grey Matter, Official Blog of the Grey’s Writers

Lately I’ve been realizing that timing is everything.  And part of loving someone well is recognizing timing.  It is obvious that just because I can or want to do something–it means the timing is right.  It would be foolish of me to think that relationships do not operate on the same element.  So, combine two individuals and you exponentially increase the element of timing.  And I want to be a person who loves well.  Patience is a lesson I’m learning.

In the course of Grey’s Anatomy, Derek is learning a hard lesson.  No matter how hard or much or fully he loves Meredith- she is simply not ready.  Differing life stages is no one’s fault.  Rushing things lead to the dissolve of Burke and Cristina.  If someone is not ready or cannot yet be ready, you cause greater damage to push things.  Nothing good seems to come from anything forced.  This is a painful lesson.  Do you wait, continue to love well, hope?  Sometimes this act is an act of obedience, a practice of patience, a virtue of some kind and other times it is desperation, blind logic and wishful thinking.  What is the difference?

To love simply, wholly, fully and well is perhaps the greatest challenge.  And to love when nothing can be returned or exchanged or offered is even more difficult.  Perhaps though, learning to be selfless is the reward. 


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