sound byte


Rosie O’Donnell Book Signing

Sound bytes.  I’m starting to believe that Americans get 99% of their information from 30 second sound bytes.  Not only is the entertainment industry fueled by them, politics and world events are as well. 

Because 99% of what the media spews seems to be false 99% of the time (maybe that’s overexaggerated), I thought the video above and this video might shed a more human light on a very polarizing pop-culture figure.

Now realize that I am on the Z list, actually, I am not even on the alphabet.  Yet ask me the number of rumors started about me from my 5 seconds here-and-there on my friend’s reality show.  Most all of them so false, leaping assumptions of badly drawn connect-the-dots.

I am a nobody.  I don’t mean that in a poor me way, just that I am so starting out in this business.  I have so much to learn and achieve. 

I just want to remind us all, let’s not dig for gold in a soundbyte.  Nothing really there usually. :)  I enjoy Rosie though, I think she’s generally a good person, disagree with her sometimes though, find her tone angry and wounded at times, but I don’t think she’s the anti-Christ FOX news wants me to believe she is.


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