don’t be too green :)


p1020493.jpgglamorous, right?  getting your makeup done is so…glamorous?  i’m probably going to some fancy party, right?  some premiere?  toting my assistant around probably, because i have seven…i mean none.

because if you knew getting my makeup done meant only concealer, photo-ready foundation and big red circles of creme blush on my cheeks…this picture wouldn’t be half as cool.  this is from a gig i did in portland a week ago monday.  just to give you all a little glimpse into what life as a striving actress is really like.  i did a photo shoot with 4 others advertising a company giving away a free porsche to the winner.  the people i worked for were really nice and i’m thankful for the gig, although i have to admit i sort of felt like a sell out.  they paid extremely well so i donned an elf outfit and posed merrily with a porsche.  fancy. 

i really am not complaining.  this is life!  you start at the bottom and you sometimes sell out if the money is high enough and you’re really broke.  i just want to dispell the misconceptions that everything in this industry is glamorous.  this is for a big billboard off the freeway in portland.  and i, being ever-so-passionate about breaking out of stereotypes, am in an elf costume.   [insert hypocracy here].


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