God has blessed me with so many wonderful things in my life, and I will spend my entire life trying to figure out why. If you had told me a few years ago I would have been nominated with the people that I’ve been nominated with, I would have called you absolutely insane.

Carrie Underwood

As I’ve mentioned here, here and here, I love the heroism and triumph of awards shows.  Particularly, I’m moved by a good acceptance speech.

In an industry where becoming jaded is effortless, fruitless auditions feel merciless, it’s easy to sell out, give up and go home.

For me a good acceptance speech stirs my soul and reminds me that the blood, sweat and tears of every unglamorous step in my journey may ultimately pay-off.  When someone hits it big and earns the respect of their colleagues or fans through a major award, I celebrate. 

Tears are shed each time I am moved by an impassioned, thankful acceptance speech.  It is a beautiful redemption.  Grace causes me to wonder.


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