still have something to lose


fear means you still have something to lose.-chief webber

there are no guarantees in life.  you can save a man and not save your marriage.  you can give someone your whole heart and they can walk away.  these are the kind of lessons i think you learn over and over in life.  perhaps because they are singlehandedly so painful that your psyche could not bear the full impact of them at once.  perhaps because as your spirit fights for life, these events threaten to kill it – and so you must keep gasping for air and you must not bear it all at once. 

life has me thinking and i think it’s still better to love someone, it’s still better to be afraid than dead.  it’s still better to love someone because it’s letting your light shine.  at least mopping up the blood after your heart is bruised or stabbed at least means you still have blood to give- life to live.  maybe this is all too emotionally morbid, maybe coming to terms with the darker side of life just means you can look it square in the face and then keep walking.


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  2. Experience has taught me that when you truly love; you are unable to survive without your love, you cease to exist, and you die a slow painful death.

    I don’t have the answers and I don’t know what the future holds, but I do know that I NEVER EVER want to go through the agony of being without the constant presence of my Love ever again. I finally understand my true destiny; ‘Together For Ever’

    Rabindranath Tagore

    I came nearest to you, though I did not know it, -when I came to hurt you.
    I owned you at last as my master when I fought against you to be defeated.
    I merely make my debt to you burdensome when I robbed you in secret.
    I struggled in my pride against your current only to feel all your force in my breast.
    Rebelliously I put out the light in my house, and your sky surprised me with it stars.

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