undated hope


I recently heard a story in which a seventeen year-old pregnant young woman first met her 17th foster mother. The foster mother, trying to connect with this young girl said, “I hope this works out”.  Without skipping a beat the girl responded,

It is too painful to hope.

hopesprouts2007avatar.jpgIn that Jesus-y book, it says that “hope deferred makes the heart sick”.  I heard a message on this recently and wow…yeah, it totally channeled yesterday’s post.

It called me to “undated hope” – that is hope without an expiration date.  I know the ache of hoping for something with no timeline, the endless anticipation seems to make you raw. 

To sense promise without a schedule of delivery.

To anticipate intently with no timeline.

This Christmas, the symbolism and imagery reminds me to wait for the anointed One.  I can be confident in this undated promise based on what God did in the world through Jesus.  You don’t have to believe in this, but for me, I can’t imagine life without the promise of deliverance.

Hope sprouts even in the face of everything painful.  (You can listen to the message here starting Wednesday).


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