being a good girl?


okay this is just a bit much.  so cnn is covering jamie lynn spears pregnancy like their salvation depends on it.  i mean i expect it on entertainment shows, but this is C-N-N!

so then good morning america has to get on the bandwagon and proclaim that they know the good girls of hollywood.  like seriously, these 12 young ladies that they featured are the pedestaled elite of the goody two-shoed club.  and i just have to ask- do we even truly know these women?  i’m not saying they’re not good girls, just what the heck qualifies them for such a title.  aren’t we all a little good and a little bad, a little light and a little dark?  and yeah, i like miley cyrus aka hannah montana from what i know of her on oprah- but seriously, i’m just an outsider looking in.

so then lisa whelchel (blair from facts of life) goes on record empathizing with the young starlet baby spears.  it’s just funny.  so i get the discrepancy that i am joining the parade and commenting myself on a young woman i do not personally know– it’s just so ironic to me that we make character assessments based on no personal connection!

oh and gma is also asking if jamie lynn’s career is over.  wow.  i think we are in just a little too deep – we’ve been eating sugar so long, it’s rotting our teeth.  pop sugar that is.


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