classically guarded


since returning from new york city, i’ve just been catching up on the news of the world…and of course, for me, that includes all the pop-culture goss.  i figure since i want to spend my lifetime in the arts and entertainment industry, i have to keep current.  maybe i’m just a superfan.  my dad thinks i’m just silly.  oh well.  i can handle it.  and so i have been fascinated by katie holmes since her dawson’s creek days and have been intrigued by her celebrity transformation from the girl next door to fashion icon and mrs. tom cruise. 

her interview with diane sawyer garnered hundreds of thousands of views on youtube, so i know the rest of america is also fascinated by her.  i do have to make one comment–i don’t know if this is her real personality, but i found her to be uncomfortably guarded.  i completely understand/respect her need to do so, i just wonder who the girl is behind the eloquence.  i imagine being at that level of celebrity, one must become so hardened in order to survive…from your words and intentions being misconstrued and splashed across the glossies.  you probably also always wonder who’s in your life for what reason.  i think she is elegant beyond belief, which is different than the sparkly, spastic, exhuberance a lot of celebrities carry in interviews.  while she is elegant, she (at least in my opinion) is also awkwardly guarded.  some use words like “robotic” and more harshly, “soul-less” to describe her change from her original interview persona (crediting this change to tom cruise).  i have included a couple former interviews as an example.  what do you think?


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