my brain


you know, just a few minor points of clarification, in case you’ve been wondering if i’m coo-coo… :)  i’m quirky yes, a little weird, kinda random…but somewhere in there it all does make sense.  i promise.

  1. i really don’t like to hear myself talk as much as it might appear from certain diatrobes aka posts.
  2. yes, i am a random thinker… my brain is well, much like a never-ending swirl.  i am a big-picture thinker.
  3. sometimes i wish i was a good details blogger–like jj’s here- a friend from college whose blog i just discovered.  i’m just not and i’m starting to accept that.  i’m more thematic than linear.  i do do things on the weekends, i just tend to blog about the themes/tensions/concepts and theories rather than the who/what/when/where/why.
  4. i guess a positive to all this is that at least i’m creative?

maybe i’m just having performance anxiety–i just had to explain myself for a sec.  phew…i’m good now :)  if you imagine a never-ending scallop design, that’s probably a good visual for my brain.  hey, at least i’m semi-fun? :)

my brain, ha:



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