baby girl


What kind of makeup do i need to be beautiful?

-10 year-old girl, location: luxury makeup store


Need?  Need?  Baby girl you don’t need anything.  Her words nearly razored my heart.  You’re ten years old.  Where are your thoughts of popsicles, bike riding and chalk?  Has the battle to be beautiful already impressed itself upon you?  What kind of world am I living in?  Can I point the way to something different that she will hear, deep in the core of her being?  I’m not speaking from a self-inflated sense of power or influence.  I just want it all to be okay.  This wasn’t about playing dress up…this was deeper.

I want to be beautiful
Make you stand in awe
Look inside my heart,
and be amazed.
I want to hear you say
Who I am is quite enough.
Just want to be worthy of love
And beautiful.

-Bethany Dillon, Beautiful

lg2.jpgI get the cry of a woman’s heart to be beautiful.  Maybe it’s a generalization, but I think it’s fairly accurate.  Our hearts tend to adornment, creating, beautifying.  That itself is even a hope-sprouting thing.  But when did our quest became so ugly, so dark and so twisted?  When did these adult issues start capturing the attention of little girls? 

I wished I could have spoken life into her, I wish I had that kind of power.  I told her she didn’t need makeup, that she was a little girl and that all girls are beautiful.  She didn’t buy it.  She wanted to be “big stuff”, a teenager, Little Miss Hannah Montana.  I told her she had the rest of her life to deal with the makeup and vanity issues, to enjoy the freedom that should come with youth.

Baby girl, I want it to be okay for you.  I want to say, “sweet baby” and make you feel whole inside the way my friend Marilyn can.


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  1. Beauty really is only skin deep! There is way to much emphsis on looks everywhere you look! Some girls can relly get caught-up in it. My daughter takes 2-3 hours to get ready for work (or anything else for that matter)and she one of those that looks great without any makeup!

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