going my own way.


I recently discovered a minefield of new blogs — all friends of friends, most 2 years older than me. And I have to admit that these blogs have made me feel like quite the slacker. The majority of blogs in this particular blogring are total overachievers! Ha. But seriously, they’re like married, with 2 kids already and they are all like baking things from scratch, taking ten photos a day, decorating and being completely domestic–being like totally cute and suburban. And here’s me, achieving none of those feats and yet I’m still tired! Sure, I’ve done what some would believe are some exciting ventures these last few years–things I’m totally grateful for. And I truly am happy with my life. It just made me wonder if I am cut from an altogether eccentric, alternate piece of cloth. In no way could I keep up, nor do I really have the gusto for that life. I want a lot of what they have, someday, but I can’t imagine it all today. None of it is on my top 5 goals for the year–but maybe I need to learn some of that practical industriousness. Because my dreams are NOT normal. I admire their lives–I’m just never the more aware that they’re so different from mine! I’m coming to accept that I’ve always been one to do things at my own pace and I frequent a loop-de-loop course in which my dreams often anchor me to the sky rather than the earth. It’s okay, right? 


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