the wrap-up


the writers are back and it was hollywood’s golden night.  me and my mom watched the show–we were a little bummed that the show started early this year–we totally missed the pre-show which is an equally important part of the day.  okay, so the oscars are a holiday in my book, similar to the superbowl.  it’s a big freakin’ deal! :)


so here’s my wrap-up.  overall the event was classy, of course i loved the broadwayesqueness of having the songs performed, particularly the kristin chenoweth enchanted number.  several colleagues didn’t understand why she sang it since she isn’t in the movie–probably because steven schwartz wrote that song, ala broadway genius writer of wicked which she starred.  (aka idina menzel, wicked’s other lead is in the movie).  maybe they weren’t sure amy adams could carry 3 numbers live and if anyone has the chops for it, kristin does!  (a lot of my colleagues also didn’t know she owned broadway up and down before her cross over to film and tv).

other noteworthy moments of people owning the night… 

so i’d never heard of marion cotillard before last night, but she basically owned both in the style sense and also in the winning sense and also in the general cute/winsomeness of her speech factor.  favorite oscar speech #2.


oh and katherine heigl owned that red carpet.  seriously.  best in show.














and thank you jon stewart for letting that girl speak!  marketa irglova something…poor girl totally gets cut off and the music starts and i’m thinkin’ this poor girl’s mama.  this is her moment.  her divine moment.  and her family’s at home, probably all watching, and shhhh marketa’s on.  and the tears and the joy and wait…she doesn’t even get to talk.  this is the freakin’ academy awards.  i usually cry at a few of the speeches, this time, i cried at her getting a 2nd chance to speak.  i dream of that moment.  favorite oscar speech #1 and all-time favorite oscar moment of 2008.

but i digress, i was disappointed that one of my very favorite actresses, cate blanchett, didn’t take home any statues. 


diablo cody (so wished that was her real name) owned.  exotic dancer turned academy award winner for first major penned work, she so owned.  wow.  i want that kind of grande finale, no not the being a stripper part.


and even though she wasn’t nominated for anything, anne hathaway was styled excellently.  oh and i like ellen page, saoirse ronan, laura linney and jennifer garner but there isn’t much to say there.


oh and click here for a full wrap-up on the official website including the thank-you cam.  and i’m confused as to why she was there, but yeah, miley cyrus had a cool dress.



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