still a buzz


i’m still kind of on a post-oscars high–because duh, i live and breathe these things.  and i’ll be honest, my future best friend forever (ha!) ross did the cutest/funniest behind-the-scenes on jay leno–click here to see it.

um and amy adams?  ok, so if i ever get to do the red carpet–ultimate goal–please shoot me if i act all surprised and put off that i have to interview.  cuz it is so part of the gig and it’s a public event and are-you-kidding-me, one makes a gazillion dollars doing that kind of promotion — if you think about it.  so don’t act all put off and surprised you have to do interviews and press, it’s not like they are asking to swim in your pool and use your stairmaster, says paul t. and i so agree.  i really hope we just caught her on an off-moment.

anne hathaway totally did the same thing at the post-oscars special on tv, “acting all surprised” anyone would interview her about heath ledger’s tragic death.  um, maybe it’s because you did a blockbuster hit of a movie with him a coupla years ago, i don’t know?! 

i hope and pray my dreams take root and that if they ever do–i realize that i am 5 minutes away from being a has-been and remember where i came from.  i asked for it, being thankful and a little panic-ky that it will all go away tomorrow seems more than appropriate.

patrick dempsey gets it, he seems to understand his darker side and the natural narcissism that needs to be controlled in this industry.  and seriously, precious when he tears up…


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  1. who does Oscars anymore? it’s all about Cannes.

    just like indy music has made huge inroads into pop music,

    indy films are the thing to watch

    people want authenticity back, real people, real stories


    there is only so much blood you can spill on the screen

    and still call yourself art

    (my rant because Juno got shorted)

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