friend crush


bff.jpgtonight was so fun!  i love the exhilirating part of hanging out with new people and the whole phase of “friend crush”.  totally not romantical — do not confuse friend crush with a romantic crush.  friend crush, as i define it, is the phase when you become friends with someone and just have a total blast and you’re like “you-me-we are friends!  you’re rad!  you’re fun!  let’s hang out!” 

i guess during the friend crush phase is when you’re like, yay new girlfriends to hang out with…so maybe you get kind of squealy and there are lots of wild hand gestures and fast-talking.  you’re discovering all your commonalities.

my friend crush date night was tonight at tao noodle bar.  me, katy and lisa — two new friends from my luxury makeup gig.  lots of laughing.  then we went, as any makeup connosieurs would, to MAC and storables giggling obnoxiously.  this was our 2nd date. (again, do not confuse friend crush with romantic date — i do not like girls in that way!) :)

i love these new friends to death, katy and lisa–thanks for a blasty-blast night.  oh and brandon–most adorable MAC store makeup boy was a gem.  the sweetest.  (and to be fair, my normal MAC girls were so fun to collaborate with and talk makeup–i mean they gave me tons of samples!  brandon is getting an honorable mention because he was beyond presh). 

and the MAC girls are “fans of the show” but i never knew it and they were afraid to ask if it was really me they’ve been seeing on the show.  afraid to ask me?  i used to be intimidated of them.  so it makes it hilarious that anyone could be timid of asking me because i am SO a nobody! :)


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  1. So true. One of the great things about blogging is it’s like a gold mine of new friend crushes just waiting to be found!

    Aren’t MAC stores wonderful? Give me coffee and makeup and I’m a happy girl.

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