stand together


i don’t wanna be your punch line. 

today, i logged into my favorite social networking site only to find an extremely offensive video on the main page featuring a “midget stripper”.  i’m not going to link directly to the video, because to me, that’s like giving them free publicity.

now i realize that the object of my anger is vague.  is it myspace?  is it the producers and directors of that cheap, tasteless video?  is it the “actor” who chose crude objectification and below industry standards over art?  is it every viewer who laughs and thinks its funny?  i don’t know.

my experiences are no where near as heart-breaking as the family of the victim whose story is featured in the video above.  it is heartless to even compare them on the same plane.

i don’t know where to place my hurt–for the sadness of a desperate, young “actor” or for the cries of a family who lost a son in such a tragic, heartless way.

check on who you’re voting for and does that person really, truly believe we are all equal under the law?

-ellen degeneres 


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  1. Hi Jen,

    I too saw the video the first thing when I logged on to the site you’re talking about. In fact I wrote something about it on a message board on Yahoo about it (the very one that brought me to your blog in the first place).

    For one, I couldn’t understand why something that appalling and vulgar would be available to viewers under 18. Secondly, as a little person myself, I found it as a huge slap in the face for Little People all over and how hard we’ve had to work to get some respect and positive recognition in society, and now there’s this crap.
    I did some further research on the video, found out who the producers are (and wrote them a short letter while I was at it) as well as the man in the video.
    It appears he does that kind of stuff all the time for a living and I feel sorry for him that he feels that’s his only way in life.


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