the world is watching


I honestly think it’s the biggest threat our nation has, even moreso than terrorism or Islam.

-Sally Kern, Oklahoma State Representative

There is so much to pick apart here.  But I want to say one thing that I think is most important. 

I think rhetoric like what was spoken on that video breaks God’s heart.  I am sorry that the world had to hear that.  I try to follow Jesus and I am a person of faith.  I think if Jesus were here today, walking among us, he would be sobbing to hear what people are doing “in His name”.

You are welcome to think differently–about your life, your faith and who you are–I believe God’s love is bigger and wider and deeper and that God loves you no more or no less than anyone else–but wholly, completely and unabashedly as you are.

**Update:  What makes this story even sadder is that Sally Kern’s son, Jesse, is gay.


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