a 3rd “date”


so i went on a 3rd date with my new friend crushes, lisa and katy.  we kind of had a repeat date, meeting for dinner after they got off work and also visiting the MAC store.  i have kind of developed a gay-boy crush on one of the boys that work there.  ha ha.  this crush would actually be plausible since i like boys, but he likes boys too so that won’t really work.  tee hee. ;)  but shout outs to rick. anyways, i divert back to the real topic at hand.

what i really want to blog about is my starbucks encounter before meeting the girls to hang out.  so i’m killing some time at starbucks, just kind of minding my own business.  while i’m waiting for my drink to be called, this yuppie-dad walks up to me and our dialogue goes roughly as follows:

so, hi.  my kids have never seen someone like you, so i thought it would be a good opportunity for you to educate them about people like yourself.  what are you, like a little person?

um.  yes i am.  okay.

-interrupts- well okay good.  well–these are my 2 daughters so if you could just tell them what it’s like to be a little person that’d be great.

um, sure.  uh, hi girls.  how are you?

-interrupts again- like she’s normal girls.  but she looks different.  she is uncommon though but normal.  she probably drives, has a job and has friends.  so yeah, she’s a normal person.  anything else you’d like to add?

no, that’s about it.  do you girls have any questions?

the girls just stand there looking at me awkwardly, probably because their dad just turned this into an awkward educational encounter.  i felt like i was at the museum or a zoo exhibit–considering the starbucks employees were all looking over at us.  he could have just fed me a peanut or something, i was pretty much on display.  i guess on some level i appreciate the awareness of wanting his children to understand differences, but i can’t help but wonder if there is a better way?  does it really have to be with a total stranger in line at starbucks? 


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  1. wow. that conversation with the guy in starbucks … i’m sure technically his heart was in the right place, but talk about open foot insert mouth, as well as total lack of awareness. the closest thing i can imagine to it would be if i had on a tshirt that said “waiting to have sex until marriage” and some dad came up to me with his two girls looking for an example of how socially acceptable the choice can be. seeing as they don’t know me as all, that interaction would likely add up to a whopping zero in how much they would care or be affected. i think it’s rare that you can be affected by someone, step in their shoes, unless you know them personally or pay close attention as they really share their story. to “shake someone’s hand” … not really going to make a lasting impact. not to mention, “i’m sure she has friends”?!?! sigh. thanks for continuing to transparently remind us of how far our society has to go jen. :)

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