I have not slept well in the past few days. Things have felt heavy and full. I have a lot of things I am trying to put to rest, other dreams I am trying to birth forth. I am twisted, a little darker than I intend to be, hard-pressed and a little angry. I found out yesterday that my old roommate’s fiance passed away suddenly, without reason at age 28. Before this relationship, her boyfriend (my cousin) was killed in a car accident. (More on this later). Anyways, I’m set to go to bed early tonight and hoping for good sleep. I was catching up on my friends’ blogs when I discovered on Eric‘s blog he posted a new song of his to listen to. It’s amazing that music has the opportunity to contain our heart’s deepest hope, without us even knowing it or being aware of it at the time. Music provokes such a visceral experience for me, it literally can sustain my joy. If all (or any) truth is God’s truth, surely the same applies to beauty. Surely there is a creative, loving being in the universe that can sustain us–if such music exists to sing over us when we are afraid. The words in Eric’s song–this is my prayer for tonight. Thank you Eric, for blessing your friends with your music.


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