it’s entertainment folks


okay, so audrina basically admitted what we all knew. the hills is all fake.

i got discovered at the pool.

if you can get “cast” to be someone’s friend by a producer and start filming “3 weeks later” – that is definitely not reality tv. that is more like skit tv or improv tv. but you’re smart cookies. you already knew that.

and yet i watch the hills. i should be embarrassed. i’m not even sure i like it, but when i don’t, i like not liking it. like i enjoy watching it even if i’m loathing it…yeah, pretty sick. and yeah, it’s available online and i only have 2 channels but i don’t even think that’s a credible excuse. i still watch it. and it’s entertaining.

and i have dabbled in the reality tv genre and know firsthand how much they skew/edit/spin things… did i say that outloud? oops. but it is what it is. entertaining. lighthearted, goodnatured fun. mostly. :)

and i will say that my friends who are on that show make tons of sacrifices and their show does not cast fake friends or family members. geez!

just don’t believe 90% of what you see, search for the grain of truth and hold onto that. the message usually outshines the content and you can usually find that to withstand the bad editing and dubbed over interviews. oops, did i say that outloud again?

believe everything. hollywood doesn’t lie. :)


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