we’ve been having this fight for too long.


the christians and the pagans sat together at the table, finding faith and common ground the best that they were able.

-dar williams, “the christians and the pagans”

part 1:

part 2:  

in a non-schizophrenic way, i often feel like both characters at the same time.  i love them both.   dearly.  oh how iron sharpens iron.

why do you have to believe in the divinity of jesus christ to know that robbing a bank is wrong?

-matt albie (matthew perry), studio 60

i miss studio 60. :( 


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  1. I really miss Studio 60 as well – it took me about 3 episodes to really get into it but it was great. I do think it fell off towards the end but at moments it had that elegance and cadence if the west wing dialogue – the exchanges above are just fantastic.

  2. I think what killed it at the end was having to wrap it up so quickly…they knew they were being cancelled and having to wrap up the storylines in a tight little bun so fast just killed the natural aspects of the show.

  3. oh it make my heart happy to find other sorkin fans. :) thanks for these clips jen, so great to watch them again. sigh. i miss sorkin on my television each each. ditto kareem that there is so much heart and soul in his story lines. so much wrestling with the really great questions and challenges of life.

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