crazy week or so


the last few days have been kinda crazy! 

i took in the chance to see cabaret at 5th avenue theatre (it was okay) with my friend meg.  wednesday i spoke on a panel.  work was full as my co-teacher was gone all week.  i am deciding between becoming a head-teacher at work or following my heart to a 9-month tv internship in new york (that i have been procrastinating on the application).  next weekend we are hosting the brian mclaren conference which will be kind of crazy but thank-you-jesus for overtime.

so this weekend i had a sensible dinner party with friend-crushes now just dear friends, lisa and katy.  i had an appointment saturday morning then went to my dear friend sarah z.’s baby shower.  then i found out i didn’t have to babysit kate that evening and lisa’s hubs was out of town so i picked her up from her makeup shift, visited the most precious rick at mac, and we went to the macaroni grill and ran into my high school best friend there!  we had a good old fashioned slumber party complete with sour patch kids and getting her hooked on studio 60. :) 

it was great.  and yes, that was all basically one big excuse for why i haven’t posted in awhile. 


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