have i nothing to say?


ya know, your ma and pa are good christians in a world gone to pot…

well i’ll tell them you said that.

i’m surprised they still speak to you, after that stunt with karl smith.  divorce is an abomination.  marriage is for life.

i’m sorry i let you down ma’am.

walk the line

i was watching walk the line again this weekend.  i always feel a pinch in my heart whenever this scene between june carter cash (played by reese witherspoon) and the stranger in the store.  i can especially relate, both as a little person and as someone who is becoming adjusted to a life that is open for scrutiny because of the industry i play with.  lately, a lot of myspace questions from fans of little people big world have asked about “my religion”.  in many ways, that’s a tough question, because it’s a loaded question.

the roloffs have taken a lot of unfair potshots.  no matter what potshots anyone might take at me, some of them i probably deserve, nothing pains my heart more than potshots of faith.  faith is confusing, deep and emotional enough without being burned under the lights of a microscope.  and i know the 5 things you might assume about me if i said i am crazy about the person of jesus christ–that i hate gays, that i am a bigot, that my political beliefs have little to do with social justice and a global world.  none of these things are true, but i am terrified you will think them of me.  and i’m not even a “hate the sin, love the sinner” kind of girl.  ick.  i have nothing to say in terms of judging.  and it’s probably unfair of you to assume i would, but the world has given you a lot of reason to.

i have found nothing more convincing than the person of jesus christ.  i hope he’s the hero to save me.  i don’t know if the sky is heaven, but i pray anyway. 

please, still love me even though i love jesus.  :)


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  1. I hear you. Many of my heroes are Atheist. Some have deep respect for religion, other don’t but respect my right to my religion. I often feel like people’s respect for me might stem from seeing as intelligent “in spite” of being religious. And then I just feel guilty because Christianity IS the majority religion and people of other faiths probably have to go through a lot more.

    And then when you the whole being black thing, it’s like something should go and uncomplicate my life.

  2. I love the Roloff’s I think they are an incredible family… Amy especially. She is so strong and holds that family together. I hope she would one day write a book, I’m sure it would be great. Their tv show is so real and incredible + their farm looks amazing.

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