is this really necessary?


so i ran into my friend eric tonight as i was working at the brian mclaren conference we are hosting here in seattle. to summarize what it’s been about so far, it’s basically asking the church to stop fighting about petty issues and focus our attention on global issues. duh. i agree. he says it way better than that with fancy charts and something about equity, but i just finished a 14-hour workday and i’m too tired to go into it tonight. perhaps tomorrow? :) but really, it’s all been really good stuff. and yes, in person even, he’s super warm and good-natured. this is our 2nd time hosting him and he’s a complete non-diva.

so anyways i haven’t been good about watching american idol this season but eric told me that they did “shout to the lord”.  awkwardddd…  he was flabbergasted, as i was at the thought of it alone. thank you youtube for its recap abilities. is it necessary to indoctrinate the rest of our country while they are just trying to watch their entertainment show? yeah this is “idol gives back” but is idol really just hoping to get the right-wing viewer vote? are they trying to expand their empire even further? what’s next, a “devo” by simon cowell? did anyone really enjoy this? what was the point? i’m confused…i wonder if jesus is too.


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  1. so interesting that you and your friend had a totally opposite response to that of me and my (Christian) roommates. our jaws dropped when they began singing and then we looked at each other with these excited faces, unbelieving that a worship song was actually being sung on one of the highest rated reality shows. it was similar to when the Lord’s prayer was recited on an old school rerun of 90210 tonight — lol. basically, for the 3 of us it’s just awesome whenever God is acknowledged (not by crazy/judgemental/stupid people who you wish would keep their ideas to themselves and stop giving Christianity a bad name) but either by eloquent and heart-felt people (like the families of the car accident mix-up victims recently on The Today Show and Oprah) or in really simply ways (such as a worship song or Bible verse appearing in non-religious television programming).

    i’m in no way discounting the validity of your and your friend’s reaction, i just find it interesting that it never crossed our minds to think of it as negative. i guess to me i’d assume that it would turn off viewers, not bring them in. but hey, if more of the country is pro-God then I think, then that’s not a bad result either! :)

  2. haha, hilary i guess i am just super jaded by anything rupert murdock produces…i watched the documentary “outfoxed” recently which did it. :P

    if you are interested in seeing it, you can watch it for free online and it is really interesting.

    i did though find it heartwarming what the mix-up victims families said, i found that to be genuine.

    let me know if you see the documentary, what you think…


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