friend crush update: dtr


so i haven’t updated you all on my little friend crush status that i have blogged about here, here and here.  it’s official, lisa, katy and i are friends.  we have had a slumber party since then and tonight we had a dtr (define the relationship) in which i shared with lisa that i had been blogging about our budding friendlationship.

we both shared some good laughs as, in our friendship, admitting that i had been chronicling it by blog was like introducing your boyfriend to your roommates.  it’s a big step.

tonight, we went to dinner at peso’s and got our praise on at a gospel event where we realized that african americans have way better voices than any white kids we know.  it was quite the change from our normal stomping grounds where we try to bribe our beloved, precious homos at mac for free pigment samples in exchange for skincare samples from the ol’ store of luxury makeup i used to work at and lisa still works at.

here’s to having found a good friend!


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