Okay, so I’d think it was super fun if someday my future kids liked to belt Broadway showtunes and dance around the house.  That’s my only aspirations for them and I am well-aware that my father had those same golf ambitions for me and I wanted nothing to do with it.  And while I started auditioning and investing myself in the business at my first audition at age 3, I don’t remember anything close to that.

I was enjoying cable at the Brann’s and this caught my eye, particularly because I have auditioned for one of the judges (London-Stroud Casting) who is the casting director behind the Disney mega-hit “Hannah Montana”.

But seriously, the mothers from this show were beyond nuts.  A little note to most of the mothers from “I Know My Kid’s A Star” on VH1:

  1. If anyone wanted to see you act, you’d probably be paid for it professionally.  Stop giving your kids bad acting lessons.  Hire a pro.  Overacting is hammy-schmammy.  Just be natural. 
  2. Your child shouldn’t be the future bread-winner of your family.  There’s a reason the legal working age is 16.  Child actors are an exception, not the norm.  Don’t pressure your children out of their childhood.
  3. If you want to be an actress, go take an acting class.  Seriously.  Go do something, other than over-invest in your I mean your child’s audition.  It’s an audition.  There will be many.  And many failed ones.  All you need is one miracle.  Have fun with it.
  4. Check yourself before you wreck yourself.  Your child has not committed to this hobby/career.  S/he is not at the age to make life-long decisions.  Minds will probably change.  Next it will be hoola-hooping.  But this career, as tough and fickle as it is, can be great.  Just let your child’s light shine and the rest will come as it does.

Part of me is just disgusted with the show in its premise, but I know it wouldn’t exist if there weren’t viewers.  Kids getting eliminated?  This is ridiculous.  But I watched an episode.  At least with “The Hills” it’s funny…this is subjecting kids to the ridiculosity.

From what I saw though, Cheyenne had the most natural talent and her mother seemed the most “with-it”.  I liked the mother Lisia as well.


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