up for air


in process of getting my praise on tonight, i realized that i had rotted out my soul with all my tv watching this weekend.  it’s a good thing i don’t have a dvr.  i still wish i had cable.  i watched probably 20 hours this weekend, more than i normally watch in a month.  i like inhaled mass amounts of soulless, empty reality tv (not the good kind, the vh1 kind) and i needed a dose of something meaningful before taking my newly hollowed out self to work tomorrow.  this was a pop-culture overdose, i feel like i took something good (like a huge jawbreaker) and ate it to the point where my tongue is raw.

i still haven’t gotten my mind around my affirming, live-giving audition that i am still on cloud nine from.  but in the process of this evening, i was able to change my “please god, let it be me” prayers to “thank you for giving me a chance at my dreams”.  in gratitude, i am reminded that it is by grace that i am able to even live the dream.  i feel that it is closer, even if it is not yet here.  that audition was a full-circle moment, one in which i will always remember.


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