i can’t look away


utterly ridic, i know.  stacey, liz, stefan, nikki, eric–thoughts?  help.  i can’t look away.  stacey and i saw the show when i was in new york and i must admit i liked it better on mtv than live.  there were some busted moments.  but i really like the music of this show as in it’s a great workout mix.

and yet the whole reality tv search for elle, is kind of wa-waaaaa.  maybe it’s genius and i’m just mad i didn’t think of it first.  or maybe it’s a trainwreck like the hills but everyone will still watch.  who knows yet.

you’re dancing with your mouth open.  watch it.

jerry mitchell

regardless, i cannot look away.


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  1. I’m weirdly excited for the reality show. I think because it is cool for a Bway show to get a reality show (more than Grease) also because Jerry is so awesome. When I saw LB it was still in previews and Jerry was sitting a few rows behind me with his script singing along…so obvs. I had to go and say hi. He was so nice, and I wrote to him after the show and he graciously returned the letter to me with a promo shot of Laura Bell that he signed. I was syked.

  2. wow, eric that is pretty freakin’ cool. that is amazing you got to meet him! did you myspace him lol? ha. ya i did not actually watch the grease one, that one did not intrigue me as much…

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